Been a minute

Its been a minute since I’ve posted.  My family and I moved from Utah to Louisiana this past weekend.  We drove caravan style.  My husband drove the 26′ truck and pulled the Corvette, my daughter whos 17 drove behind him and myself behind her.  Took us two and a half long days.  16 hours on the last day of the trip.  It was a crazy drive but happy to be in our temporary home here in LA and hope to get from under all these boxes sooner than later.

The first night we slept in Moab, UT. Got their late so didn’t get to see a whole lot. But the next day we drove past Wilson’s Arch so we stopped and hiked it quick.

It was such a fun experience. Even the “boys” dogs hiked up with us. Haha.

This was such a beautiful stop along our 3 day journey.  Glad we did it.  The last Two days we traveled through Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and then finally Louisiana.  This is definitely not a drive I want to do again.  I definitely won’t be driving to Canada again.  Flights all the way from now on.

We are now in Louisiana and trying to get settled and unpacked.  But I should now be able to keep up with my posts now.  Great new beginnings starting here.  I’m excited.


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