Excited about this post people!  I have had the opportunity to try a brand of supplements that I absolutely LOVE.  Not just one of their products but every product I have tried so far.  I still have a couple products left to try but I am too excited not to post about this!The company is called Boneafide Nutrition.  You can find them at


As lots know I am on prep for a show and as such am depleting and putting a ton of demand on my body not only physically but mentally too.  Its exhausting but its the name of the game.  Now I have tried several pre workouts and fat burners and never truly loved any one of them.  I either would crash hard after or I didn’t feel anything after taking the supplements.

So a skeptic I was for sure.  Now I tried the Pre Work Out from Boneafide Nutrition and immediately felt energized.  I took it while I was taking kids to school and heading to the gym.  So amidst the chaos it sat in my shaker cup for a few minutes and to my surprise the flavor was still amazing and nothing settled to the bottom like I had thought.

I can easily enjoy this in a glass of water and not have to down it like a shot like so many other Pre Work Outs I find.

After touching base with my coach I was asked to introfuce a fat burner into my morning routine.  He gave me the guidelines to use and this product fell exactly into the category that I was asked to stay in but get this, this product has LESS calories than the product my coach used as a comparison for ingredients.  SCORE!

The Pre Work Out link is here

The Fat Burner Link is here

I see that the Fat Burner is actually on sale right now as well.

Now let me tell you about this Stack.  I took both the Pre Work Out and the Fat Burner the last few mornings and the results are amazing.  I immediately had more energy.  I also felt hyper awareness to everything.  I didn’t feel jittery or shaky which is huge.  I also didn’t crash on it either and I felt the affects all day.

I so wish I had this during basic training.  My life would have been so much easier.

Also I feel its important to note my breakfast meal is small.  A few Egg Whites and a small serving of Oatmeal.  So this stack was fine on a minimal food tummy.



This is the morning of day two of taking these supplements.  Right out of bed.  With the added energy these products give me and the increase of my bodies internal temperature through thermogenesis.  I am certain the rest of this prep will be so much better.  I am so excited to see what these do for my body.

Now Boneafide Nutrition gave me a coupon code for all of my Friends, Family and Followers, etc.  Make sure you add JOJOFIT to your coupon code upon checkout to get an added discount to these amazing products.  You wont be disappointed!!

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