Holiday Temptations

Remember clean eating is about a lifestyle change. You are allowed to get out of the house and enjoy life. Just be aware of foods and learn to make better choices while out. Some ideas to help stay on the meal prep during the holidays. Allow yourself one cheat meal. Pick a meal. Is it Christmas Eve dinner? Christmas Day Dinner? Decide what meal is going to be your free meal and enjoy it. Now don’t go crazy and eat everything carbs in site. Your tummy will retaliate! But enjoy a Turkey meal with dressing. Make sure to have veggies too. Eat a dessert if you want. But then have the will power to stop and get back to your prep. Don’t have a cheat meal turn into a cheat night, which turns into a cheat week.


Now here are some helpful tips:
1.  Eat fresh ingredients and items. Try to avoid processed items. Items in a bag or box. Homemade dressing is better than boxed. Just be aware so you make better choices. Veggies that are raw and fresh vs. Veggie dish smothered in Butter.
2.  Choose Sweet Potatoes over Regular Potatoes.
3.  Portion Control. Use a smaller plate so when you fill your plate your brain thinks your spoiling yourself but you know your eating a healthier portion.
4.  Eat all meals that day. Don’t skip meals to have all calories consumed in one meal. This will lead to binge and over eating. Plus your body needs healthy calories all day.
5.  Stay hydrated with non alcoholic/sugar free beverages. Keeping your body hydrated will help curb appetite.
6.  Enjoy your company. Allow yourself one meal to eat, guilt free. Use the tools you’ve learned and relax and enjoy!