Week 4 Ends

Hey Lovely People!  I have loved inspiring you and watching all the success we have all gained over the last month!  So proud of you all!!  Now that this week is the last week of the first month.  Next months dues are needed before you can gain access to weeks 5-8!

Each participant will pay a $40 non-refundable fee per month. All payments must be submitted via Paypal before registration is complete. Once the payment has been completed, you will have full access to the Weight Loss Challenge Pages.

I have collected an amazing list of items for the biggest winner for this challenge and I would love to keep inspiring you all to keep going and being successful in your weight loss and lifestyle changes.

New Years is also coming and I want to throw an incentive out there for all my wonderful clients.  If you love this program and think it can help others.  Mom, sister, friend, dad, brother etc.  Please tell them about me and have them contact me directly to sign up for the next group of challengers.  If they drop your name and pay before the end of the week, I will drop your renewal fee for the next month by $15.  Have them email me at bikininpc@gmail.com

You all rock!


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