Weight Loss Challenge


Registration will be completed via the REGISTRATION LINK.


Each participant will pay a $40 non-refundable fee per month.  All payments must be submitted via Paypal before registration is complete. Once the payment has been completed, you will have full access to the Weight Loss Challenge Pages.

Each Challenge will be 6-8 people and will start on the first Monday after the spots fill up.


  1. A scale
  2. Tape measure (Cloth preferred)
  3. Access to the Internet

Weekly check-ins with weight and measurements are due Sunday before 9PM via email.  I have a handy guide you can print and scan with all the information I need.  Weekly results are not posted and are kept confidential.  End results of all 8 weeks will be used to calculate the overall winner.


  1. Please look on the board to answer question.  Lots of questions can be answered this site.
  2. Constant private consultations through me will require an upgrade and not covered through this challenge.  I will add as much information on this group that will give you the tools to be successful. 
  3. Weekly weights and measurements are due Sunday night by 9PM.  I have a chart you can print that will outline where to measure and where to record your weight.
  4. Have fun.  New habits are formed in 21 days.  Look to this group for support and information to help you be successful.
  5. All information on this challenge are simple and aren’t tricky.  Just follow the plans given and you will succeed.
  6. Each Monday I will have additional information on the challenge group.  Whether it be meal plans, inspirational quotes and anything else I believe will help you.
  7. You don’t have to live in the USA to participate.  Canada and any other countries residence are welcome to participate.

Please be honest in your weight and measurement admissions.  At the end of the day this challenge is to help you gain new habits and lifestyle changes.  All admissions are kept 100% confidential.  You’re trying to better yourself and any progress you make to a better you is winning.


The participant with the highest weight loss and inches loss will be awarded a prize.  The sum of which will be a value of $50 minimum. 


Winners will be publicly congratulated on the group board the last day of the 8 week challenge.  The winners gift will be delivered or mailed the gift the following day. 


If you’re ready to participate, please register via the JOIN NOW link and make sure your non-refundable registration fee is received before the payment deadline to get into the next 8 week weight loss challenge.


Please contact me via email for any questions you may have on the registration process.