Summer Goals

Its interesting how a year can change in a blink of an eye.  I started out the year horribly hormonally messed up from my last show I did last summer.  I couldn’t loose weight (Not that I was overly huge, but couldn’t achieve my fitness goals).  I had a coach reach out to me and help me navigate all these issues.  Found out I was insulin resistant and pre diabetic.  I was shocked.  I live a healthy lifestyle and eat better than most people I know.  But it was the curve God gave me so I had two choices.  Let this be the end of my fitness goals for the year, or take these challenges head on and work through the bumps. Continue reading “Summer Goals”

Empowering Women

Lately this topic has been on my mind a lot.  Not for any one particular reason but I thought I’d write a bit about it.  I feel so blessed to be born in a time and era when opportunities seem as endless as the mind can imagine.  Technology is surprising us every day with its capabilities. And so with a little ingenuity and drive, people are able to create and inspire so many others with things and opportunities that not only make life easier but bring people together. Continue reading “Empowering Women”