Finding Balance

Let me be tell you something.  A two competitor home can be overwhelming.  Last year, between my husband and I we did 5 shows.  In Utah, California and Louisiana.  Were we the best at balancing life?  Nope!  We had a lot of ups and downs.  Happy and Ugly times.  Let’s be real.  Depleting for a show comes with it’s own ugly side affects.  Bodybuilding is selfish.  Which can be a good thing and a bad thing.  The key is finding the balance of it all to ensure you don’t neglect your spouse, family, work, and other important priorities. Continue reading “Finding Balance”

Against All Odds

Have you ever had that one moment where you thought to yourself, “This is it, life is over”.  Not in the literal sense but in the metaphorical sense?  Maybe you had a death in the family which devastated you.  Maybe you didn’t get that promotion at work your family depended on.  Maybe you had a severe car accident that paralyzed you.  So many things in life we have no control over and let’s face it, life is hard. Continue reading “Against All Odds”

What Do You Focus On?

What we focus on becomes our reality.  So what are you focusing on?  When a competitor is in show prep, their show is their reality.  Daily prep, training, eating right, coaching check in, sleep and everything is our reality.  Its a daily process and all reflects on anything and everything to do with our show.   Continue reading “What Do You Focus On?”

Competition Prep

Competition Prep

Comp prep length all depends on the athletes conditioning before a show. For my first show I began my prep August 2015 and didn’t get on stage until March 2017. That’s a long time but that’s what I needed to get my body ready for its first show. Plus I was dealing with a lot of damage to my body from meds and cortisone I was prescribed for a debilitating back injury. Continue reading “Competition Prep”