Prep Life

After my last show my coach and I decided to touch base in the New Year and see what a game plan for me in the 2019 season could look like.  I loved my last coach and how he was able to break my plateau my body seems to always stop progressing on.  I noticed so many changes with my 14 week prep with him that I have decided to keep him going forward. Continue reading “Prep Life”

Privacy In The Industry

Its interesting how huge the bodybuilding industry is yet how small it is.  It seems everyone knows everyone and knows whos training with whom and whos coach is whos.  It’s not a bad thing but they’re all watching and waiting for the next big thing.  Whether that’s a show, growth over an off season.  How big he comes after bulking, whether its a clean bulk or not.  It’s so funny how we have people watching whether we want it or not.
Continue reading “Privacy In The Industry”