Basic Sally Mentality

I remember years ago when I spoke to my now good friend Nadine Moxon, telling her that my then “Military” physique was as good as I thought I could get.  And I distinctly remember her laughing at me and saying, “No way Mate, You could get WAY leaner!”  Haha.  Love you Nadine!  But I share this story to tell you that we all get into the “Basic Sally” Mentality and get stuck.  We get in our own way and forget the basics as to what it takes to succeed. Continue reading “Basic Sally Mentality”

New Years Resolution Beyond Fitness

January of every year is the traditional time of year when we all come up with these amazing resolutions that we aren’t always able to accomplish, or are so extravagant that it’s unrealistic.  There is more to a New Years resolution than simply loosing weight.  Lots of goals that lead to loosing weight can be amazing resolutions that you can actually keep and will absolutely help you accomplish fitness goals. Continue reading “New Years Resolution Beyond Fitness”

Where Do You Want To Be This Month Next Year?

Where Do You Want To Be This Month Next Year?

Hours go by so slow, days can feel so long but weeks go by so fast!  As the year closes, it allows us to reflect on where we have come.  What have you accomplished this year?  As the New Year approaches, what do you want to accomplish next year?  What do you want? Continue reading “Where Do You Want To Be This Month Next Year?”