Summer Goals

Its interesting how a year can change in a blink of an eye.  I started out the year horribly hormonally messed up from my last show I did last summer.  I couldn’t loose weight (Not that I was overly huge, but couldn’t achieve my fitness goals).  I had a coach reach out to me and help me navigate all these issues.  Found out I was insulin resistant and pre diabetic.  I was shocked.  I live a healthy lifestyle and eat better than most people I know.  But it was the curve God gave me so I had two choices.  Let this be the end of my fitness goals for the year, or take these challenges head on and work through the bumps.

Well I chose to take these challenges head on and work through the bumps.  Since finding out I am insulin resistant and got on a medication to help my body absorb food like it was intended I am down 18 pounds.  This is HUGE.  I am sooooooo happy with where I am at and so happy that because of this I can compete this summer.  I am so grateful for Dusty Hayman for reaching out to me and helping me figure out why my body was so stagnant.  His advice and words of encouragement have been a huge reason I have been able to turn this years competition season around and ultimately the reason why I can compete this year.  So a huge thank you to him.

My family and I have moved from Utah to Louisiana and in doing so have been able to visit different gyms and meet a lot of new people.  Change can be so hard but I have felt so welcomed into this community and state.

My husband has been a huge support to me at home.  He encourages me not to give up and to push harder than I ever have.  I’m glad he’s like me and doesn’t accept no for an answer on fitness goals.  Makes this process much easier.  And he’s handling the prep Jo so have to give him credit for that. Haha

As competition season is here I am doing a lot of cardio.  Which is normal I know.  But it is funny what we notice when we do so much cardio.  Some people at the gym make going so worth it haha.  I’m already a people watcher but the amount of time I have spent in the gym as of late I have been super surprised.

I have kept my decision to compete this year on the down low.  I wanted to be sure my body would respond before I committed to anything.  So with all the love and support on all my social media and the little bit of concern that I am getting too lean.  This is why.  There is a purpose behind the madness and an end goal.  I am super excited to get on stage this year.  I do not love cardio.  Its a necessary evil and I am trying to take it on with grace.  Not sure how successful I am being but I’m trying.

I wanted to enjoy this process.  There was a time earlier this year that I was almost convinced I couldn’t compete this year.  I was devastated.  But with a little support and a lot of figuring out my body, I finally feel like myself and that I can do this.

I am nervous, like any athlete but I am bringing an even better package than I brought last year and to me this is already a win in my books.  I am excited to meet other competitors and athletes and just want to do the best I can.  That’s all that matters to me.

Thanks for all the love and support!




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