Real Talk

Real Talk

You know we all look on social media all the time and always see the best in everyone, cause all they post are the most prefect pictures or describe the most perfect life, right?

I’m guilty of this and I’m sure to some extent, all of us are from time to time.  So I thought I’d post a “real” post about my life and what it looks like on any particular day. Continue reading “Real Talk”

Home Sick

I had to travel back home for unexpected, unplanned events. Not for fun, or for a holiday. Quite frankly it wasn’t even in the budget for me to go. But I had to go. Traveling to Canada in January is not a vacation! Lol it’s expensive. Car rentals with 4 wheel drive aren’t cheap either.

My back has been so terrible lately I was even in the ER yesterday for pain management. Continue reading “Home Sick”