Two Year Anniversary

Two Year Anniversary

Five years ago, I suffered a life changing back injury in military. No one realized at the time how life changing it was. Since them I have seen I’d imagine every specialist that deals with the spine. I’ve had countless spinals, injections, manipulations, Been on countless medications to help. I couldn’t even sit flat for for most of that three year time frame. Continue reading “Two Year Anniversary”

Privacy In The Industry

Its interesting how huge the bodybuilding industry is yet how small it is.  It seems everyone knows everyone and knows whos training with whom and whos coach is whos.  It’s not a bad thing but they’re all watching and waiting for the next big thing.  Whether that’s a show, growth over an off season.  How big he comes after bulking, whether its a clean bulk or not.  It’s so funny how we have people watching whether we want it or not.
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Few of my favorite things

Ok so as people can likely see. I’m not a girly girl. Don’t get me wrong. I love to dress up now and then but day to day you’ll find me in a comfy workout outfit and a pony tail.

It’s funny as I get older the more I wish I knew how to do amazing makeup and hair for a fancy night out. Or for a photo shoot. But truth is navigating You Tube and actually executing it properly isn’t easy for me.
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