Water Intake

How much water do you take in? One of the benefits of drinking water is that it helps you lose weight. Water suppresses your appetite, so you don’t eat as much. Drinking plenty of water also prevents fluid retention, because your body won’t try to retain water if it’s getting enough. Drinking water also helps your body burn stored fat. Continue reading “Water Intake”

What Do You Focus On?

What we focus on becomes our reality.  So what are you focusing on?  When a competitor is in show prep, their show is their reality.  Daily prep, training, eating right, coaching check in, sleep and everything is our reality.  Its a daily process and all reflects on anything and everything to do with our show.   Continue reading “What Do You Focus On?”

Product Love


I wanted to rave a minute about this new product I purchased and absolutely LOVE.  This is the Xbands  – Heavy Duty Single – 20 lbs band.  Its hot pink so I cant loose it.  It’s nylon and completely covered so you are able to use this anywhere without the fear of it tearing.  It even comes in a mesh bag.  How easy and convenient is that?

heavy duty bands single 20 lbs xbands

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Happy Veterans Day/Remembrance Day

Happy Veterans Day/Remembrance Day

November 11th will always be a special day for me.  It allows me to reflect on my time serving my country and to be grateful for all the men and women who I served with and the thousands of men and women who still continue to serve and those before us who served and gave their lives so that we may enjoy the freedoms we enjoy and likely take for granted every single day.

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