What do you see in the mirror?  Is it something you are proud of?  What does your inner thoughts say to yourself when you see your reflection?

So many people rely on others opinions and perspectives to influence how they sees themselves.  This is such a crime.  No one should be robbed of their own self esteem and self worth because he/she relies on others opinions of how they view them.

People sometimes only see others for a season, a mere chapter in their lives.  We all have ups and downs.  Do you allow others to judge you by coming in on one chapter?  Maybe a hard chapter?  This one chapter doesn’t define us.  Sometimes the hardest chapters of ones life is the making of the greatest person yet.

Whatever chapter your on.  Embrace it.  Live in the moment and know that it gets better.  We all struggle and have success.  We all have a journey that no one else walks.  What is hard for me may be a cake walk for you.  Likewise, something hard for you may be easy for me.

We are all human and can all be positive influences in each others lives.  I hope to inspire people with everything I do.  My fitness is public and I hope people are inspired by it.  I work hard, despite a spinal cord injury.  I have to modify a lot of exercises but I’m consistent and try to make every rep count.

As some people know, I am 40.  Yup!  I’m the most confident I have ever been in my life.  I have been blessed to be able to compete a lot and have been blessed with successful outcomes.

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I am a mother of three beautiful teenage daughters.  One who just finished her first year of college and two who are still in high school.  I have been blessed to be taken on board with some companies with sponsorships for which I am truly grateful.

I am not immune to struggles or hardships.  No one is.  Do I portray these struggles on social media?  No.  I am military trained and know that so long as I endure these struggles with grace that I will be blessed.  There is a time and place for all of that.

To all those out there who feel like life’s struggles and demands are too hard.  Hang in there.  You got this!  I’m in your corner.  Supporting you from afar.  Even if its just through my messages on here.

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Be your own cheerleader.  Be your own support.  At the end of the day you need to be able to be happy with yourself.  Alone, with a partner or otherwise.  If you constantly rely on others to make you happy, you have a long life ahead.  Of course others can help us be happy but you need to be happy alone before you can be happy with anyone else.

Dont chase people.  If people want to be in your lives they will be.  If people aren’t happy for you in your triumphs they wont be happy with you when your struggling.  I find we truly find out who our friends are when we struggle and hit a low in our lives.  The ones who seek you out and check in are the ones you keep.  The ones who expect you to constantly meet them or check on them aren’t the ones you need to be surrounded by.

I will not chase people to be in my life.  I will not leave my life behind to try to be happy with someone else.  I’m choosing to be happy.  Here and now. Alone or with someone.  Do not be manipulated in feeling bad to have people in your corner.  Good people don’t need to be convinced.  You dictate your happiness.  Know your worth.

Keep poise.  Keep being you with grace no matter how people treat you.  Actions speak louder than words and sometimes the people who are not talking have a stronger message to give.

Lastly, DO YOU!  BE YOU!  BE UNAPPOLOGETICALLY YOU!  Don’t waste who you are by trying to be what people want you to be.  There is only one you!  Be You!



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