Live a Great Story!

Sometimes we feel like our life should be a reflection of what our childhood fairytale illusions were.  As wonderful as our lives would be if they were story book worthy.  The reality is life isn’t predictable nor is it always easy.

The one thing that has stayed consistent throughout my life as factual is the fact that we are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be.  That’s right people, we choose to be happy and choose our happiness levels throughout our life’s ups and downs.


Some things I wanted to reflect on.  Things that I have learned throughout my life and how it has helped me endure the ups and downs of life with a little more grace.

  1.  BE POSITIVE – We choose the direction of our lives.  We need to choose to be around positive people.  Positive situations.  Positive influences.  Surround yourselves with people who build you up, not tear you down.
  2.  BE YOU – Be unapologetically you.  There is only one you so dont waste who you are by trying to be someone else.  People are always going to judge.  Look at celebrities who look like they have it all together.  Even there judged.  Just because someone judges you at the gym or church doesn’t mean they know anything.  They don’t know you.  Be YOU!  Ignore the nay Sayers.
  3. WORK HARD – Make a goal and do what it takes to get it.  That’s right, don’t give up.  No matter what!
  4. DONT LET OTEHRS DICTATE YOUR HAPPINESS – I find the younger generation are the worst people for relying on others to make you happy.  As soon as you give this control to someone else its game over.  You need to be happy yourself before you can be happy with someone else.  Its okay to be alone for periods of time to remember what makes you, you.  Ultimately remembering what makes you happy.
  5. GIVE UP YOUR DELAY TO BE HAPPY AND BE HAPPY NOW – So many people think, “As soon as I reach this goal (Weight loss for example) I’ll be happy.  NO!  Be happy now!  There are struggles in every phase of life, in every season.  Decide your worth being happy now.
  6. GIVE UP GUILT – Stop feeling bad for how others feel.  I have to work on this one constantly!  IF the situation isn’t a direct correlation to you and your life, LET IT GO!! Life is short.  Don’t waste energy on people who dont give you a second thought.
  7. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF – Stop lying to yourself.  If you need to change something, change!  If your wrong, make it right.  Why waste years being stuck when you know all along your the problem with whatever situation your in.  No matter how small or big it is.  Own it and move on.
  8. GIVE UP NEGATIVE SELF TALK – Be nice to yourself.  Love yourself unconditionally.  If you won’t talk to a stranger the way you talk to yourself, stop it!  You’re amazing and deserve to be your biggest cheerleader.
  9. STOP COMPLAINING – Yes, life can get your down.  Be mad, feel bad, then MOVE ON.  Don’t allow yourself to be mad for days and suck all that wasted energy into nothing.  Feel what you need to and move on.  Be Happy!!
  10. STOP COMPARING – Your you.  No one else is you.  Stop comparing yourself to others and robbing yourself of being you.  No one else is lucky enough to be you so make sure your you’re best version of you.
  11. STOP BEING ENVIOUS – Work for what you want.  Never give up and earn what you want.  You are capable of anything you set your mind to.  Put all that energy your wasted in being envious of others and apply it to making your life better.  Now that is energy well spent.
  12. GIVE UP YOUR PAST – Stop dwelling on things that have already happened.  Focus on today and what lies ahead tomorrow.  You got this!
  13. DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHIG YOU THINK – We are our own worst cretic and we are all guilty of being hard on ourselves.  Stop giving into negative self talk.
  14. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – You are amazing and completely capable.  Believe in yourself and  be nice to yourself.

Life is short.  We need to be kind to ourselves.  Every season in our life.  Each chapter in our life brings out opportunities to do better, be better.



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