Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Personal growth is the process of developing new skills, attitudes, actions, or reactions that can have a positive impact on your life and increase your overall well-being.

Now how wonderful would this be to implemented into each of our lives? It’s not easy. Now a days people are addicted to instant gratification and don’t practice patience, skills, attitudes, or much less reactions.

I have worked with a trauma therapist for nearly 9 months now. Yes, I’m admitting it. I was so tired of living the mundane life of doing what society told me or trained me to expect or pretending (yes, pretending) to be happy or submissive just to make sure other people aren’t happy with me. Even with a boundary that is healthy for me AND them.

It wasn’t easy but I’ve been retraining my brain to develop the skills, attitudes, actions and especially my reactions to make my life POSITIVE and HAPPIER, thus increasing MY overall well-being.

I truly believe we are in charge of our own happiness, With saying that I do not believe being happy means being alone. But sometimes being alone for a moment of time (whatever that looks like for you) is better than being with someone who doesn’t make you better, pushes you to be the best version on yourself etc. That doesn’t imply that relationships need to be perfect. No one is. And I’m not just referring to intimate partner relationships, I’m talking with your kids, friends, family, work partners etc. Our imperfections are what makes us unique, The difference is can you, yes you, admit when you were wrong? Sit back and analyze why someone was hurt by what you did or said? (whether intentional or not), Can you apologize? Can you have hard conversations to grow and be better?

There needs to be mutual respect and trust. Ghosting is a new “normal” which is so immature. Have the hard conversations and try to see how you can keep friendships, with friends, family etc.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t know where to start. And no, this isn’t a paid referral. I was recommended it by my therapist and it helped me HUGE. It’s called “Good Boundaries and Goodbyes” by Lysa Terkeurst.

I truly believe and know I am a better person now than I was 9 months ago. Have I lost some of my tribe developing my new perspectives and boundaries? 100%. Is my life lighter and happier? 100%. I believe as a person I bring way more to the table. I am more purposeful in my relationships, I choose. I am kinder to myself, and am truly a more peaceful person. I don’t offend easily. I apologize more often. I think more before I respond. I listen to hear, not to respond. And most important, I value myself a thousand more times more than I did, I don’t tolerate less than I deserve, I don’t have friends just to have a tribe. I have friends who bring purpose and make me better and look for a relationship that is mutually respectful and I can see working long term and not just for the time being. Not that this has a time line. Just in general, it’s what I am looking for.

The best part of this entire process is I am happier and content with myself and so much more confident with myself and not afraid to go fro what I want or to step away from what doesn’t feel right. I am confident inn trusting my instincts and use the tools I’ve learned to improve mt daily well-being.

Okay enough of my rambling that has nothing to do with fitness, but in the end, how we feel about ourselves ultimately affects all aspects if our lives so this does and will affect how we are in the gym, how we sleep, eat, keep cortisol levels down etc. So take it for what its worth and don’t forget to love yourselves a little bit more.