Home Sick

I had to travel back home for unexpected, unplanned events. Not for fun, or for a holiday. Quite frankly it wasn’t even in the budget for me to go. But I had to go. Traveling to Canada in January is not a vacation! Lol it’s expensive. Car rentals with 4 wheel drive aren’t cheap either.

My back has been so terrible lately I was even in the ER yesterday for pain management. Continue reading “Home Sick”

Easy, Healthy Snacks

Snacks and clean eating…..Does it exist?  Many people have different opinions on this and at the end of the day you need to look at where you are in regards to accomplishing goals.  I used to think that having a “Cheat Meal” will destroy all  progress so wouldn’t venture off of what I was told to eat.  But shocking your body every now and then isn’t the end of the world and sometimes it actually helps your body progress.  Cheat meals increase Leptin levels.  Leptin is the hormone that encourages metabolism of fat and at the same time, it manages appetite.  Continue reading “Easy, Healthy Snacks”

New Years Resolution Beyond Fitness

January of every year is the traditional time of year when we all come up with these amazing resolutions that we aren’t always able to accomplish, or are so extravagant that it’s unrealistic.  There is more to a New Years resolution than simply loosing weight.  Lots of goals that lead to loosing weight can be amazing resolutions that you can actually keep and will absolutely help you accomplish fitness goals. Continue reading “New Years Resolution Beyond Fitness”

New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Well 2018 is tomorrow and as well all celebrate brining in the New Year tonight, I am sure we are all thinking about resolutions and or goals we want for us this next year.  Specific goals that relate to family, life, love and even fitness.  Whether it means you want to eat better, get more lean, do a marathon, increase cardio, meet new people through fitness, whatever it may be. Continue reading “New Year, New You”