Finding Balance

Let me be tell you something.  A two competitor home can be overwhelming.  Last year, between my husband and I we did 5 shows.  In Utah, California and Louisiana.  Were we the best at balancing life?  Nope!  We had a lot of ups and downs.  Happy and Ugly times.  Let’s be real.  Depleting for a show comes with it’s own ugly side affects.  Bodybuilding is selfish.  Which can be a good thing and a bad thing.  The key is finding the balance of it all to ensure you don’t neglect your spouse, family, work, and other important priorities. Continue reading “Finding Balance”

Popular Questions People Ask Me

People are always asking me questions about what makes me, me.  Why I became a competitor, why I live in Utah, why I joined the Military Police etc.  I thought I’d go through a bit of a get to know me style quiz, and answer some of these common questions people have asked about me.  I hope you all enjoy it. Continue reading “Popular Questions People Ask Me”

Real Talk

Real Talk

You know we all look on social media all the time and always see the best in everyone, cause all they post are the most prefect pictures or describe the most perfect life, right?

I’m guilty of this and I’m sure to some extent, all of us are from time to time.  So I thought I’d post a “real” post about my life and what it looks like on any particular day. Continue reading “Real Talk”

Getting Creative With Vegetables

I find that in the winter months vegetables taste so gross.  They’re out of season and lack the quality taste we all grow to love in the summer months.  And let’s face it.  Frozen vegetables get old.  I wanted something different and playing around with different ways to prepare vegetables, this recipe is my favourite.

I wanted a recipe where I am excited to eat my vegetables and this is doing it for me.  Better yet, I can prepare this once a week and it prepares enough for both my husband and I.  Now if the kids dive in, that’s okay, but I’d have to prepare twice as much or two batches in a week. Continue reading “Getting Creative With Vegetables”