Medical Set Back

One month ago I had a CT Myelogram which would result in an instant spinal headache. If you don’t know what that is, consider yourself lucky, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

To fix it you have to have whats called an emergency blood patch. Which is where an anesthesiologist puts a needle into your spine and a nurse takes fresh blood out of your arm and puts it into the spinal column to patch the hole and allow the cerebral fluid to fill back up, thus allowing your brain to not sit on your skull anymore!

Usually one blood patch does the trick, my situation took 3 BLOOD PATCHES!! (I know I like to make records but this is one I think I would have fine not breaking) so over the course of 3 weeks I had 4 spinals. Being alone in another country, kids all grown and no help from family was the WORST. Thank god I had some friends here who when I thought I was literally dying stepped up and helped.

The pain of a spinal headache is 1000x worst than a migraine and worst part is you cant take blood thinners so no naproxen, I’m allergic to Advil and I refuse to take opioids so it was hell.

On top of which I had my spinal stimulator batter replaced 3 weeks ago today and that had its own complications. It’s truly been terrible. From the surgeon putting latex covering over the wound, yes, I’m allergic to other complications. I’m just over it all.

Again, all this with zero pain killers. My CPTSD is was too important to have under control. Did you know you can be put into a chemical CPTSD flare up from one dose of opioids? Not worth it.

Our mind is a lot stringer than our bodies are. If we can focus on what our bodies are capable of, we are limitless. Even when we have moments of weakness, or doubt, we need to focus on our mind, and not only succeed with what we are doing, but do it with grace!

I am so thankful I can now fit into my regular clothes and grateful the doctors at he Mayo Clinic who have seriously been a godsend to me.

Never give up people, never give up!


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