Three Peat

Do it one time they gonna think its luck, gonna hit them with a repeat. Do it two times they still gonna doubt, hey,how I got a three peat, Got it for the streets till they knee deep. Got to stay woke cant sleep-Fabolous B.O.M.B.

In April 2022 I returned to WABDL and broke my World Record by over 30# and set another World Record, this time as an American. I became an American Citizen in February 2022 so this was my first competition 2 months later as a proud American!

In July 2021 I was told I was too small to be competitive in Bench Press and had no business doing such. In November I set my first World Record in bench Press for Canada and in April 2022 I set my 2 & 3 World Record in Bench press for the USA

If you know me at all you’ll know that if you want to motivate me at all, tell me I can’t do something. That’s all it will take. I’ll not only succeed, but I’ll destroy it.

I was so excited to do this. I saw this as a way to pave the way for not only bodybuilders but for all women who are told they “can’t” do something. Your mind is a powerful tool and YOU can do hard things!

I have chosen to give back to my community and support Utah Powerlifting and the APF Nationals in SLC, Utah. I can’t see a better way to support those athletes in a sport I love!

I may be coming back from injury and surgery but I 100% believe in giving back and can’t wait to see everyone at this event! Come say hi!


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