Whats in a name?

Do you ever wonder whats behind a name?  Why do some people identify someone with a name?  A last name, a nick name?  Why do people chose to keep a last name?

Why do people sometimes chose to use a new name?  There are so many meanings behind a name.  Sometimes it has huge purpose and reasons behind it and some times its has no reason as to why.  Its just a name.

I’ve gone by a few different names and each had its own meanings and feelings behind it.

When I was young my family all called me Jo.  I hated it!  I thought it was a boys name and hated people calling me it.  Then as I got to college age all my close friends and family called me Jo, so I kinda liked it.  They still do.

Since moving back to Utah in May it seems everyone calls me Jo.  I love it.  Its funny how we age and mature how our feelings behind something as trivial as a name has such different meanings for us.

I see Jo as a term of endearment now.  I appreciate it.  If someone addresses me as Jo I see it as them actually thinking about me and my name.  Not just as something to call me.

If people ask me what my name is, I will always answer with my proper name but the people I most care about introduce me a Jo and now mostly everyone is calling me Jo and I am 100% okay with it.

My entire athletes career I went by the name Rutledge.  It was my married name and not my birth name.  I am now not married to a Rutledge but have chosen to keep this name for my athletes name.  It keeps it simple and keeps all my shows I’ve done connected to me and will keep future shows connected to me as well.

Maybe one day I may change my mind on this topic but for now, I am content with keeping the name.  After all, its me who puts in the work it takes to compete.  Not the last name.  I won’t bring any dishonor to this name.  Only respect and grace.



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