Goals 2018

Been a whirl win month thus far.  Traveled to Canada and back and had a lot of time to think about what goals I want to focus on this year for not only me and fitness but for my family as well.  


A goal I am setting for myself this year is to:

  1.  Get more creative with the foods I eat. I want to have one meal prepped for dinner that my family can enjoy with me.  I used to eat out of a container for dinner and prep another clean but not meal prep worthy meal for my family.
  2. Do one session of cardio at home a day.  I want to balance the time I spend at the gym.  My back has been an issue lately, again, and I don’t want obstacles in my way preventing me from my cardio goals I have set for myself.
  3. One NPC show with the possibilities of Nationals.  I want to keep pushing myself and striving for my ultimate dreams.  Keeping reality in check and the stresses and demands of life realistic with my progress and abilities.
  4. More family time.  My marriage is new (>1 year) and even though we both love and adore bodybuilding, we need to make sure we are the priority above it all.  Also, I want more valuable time with my kids.  My oldest graduates high school this year and so I want to make a ton of fun memories with her and my other two daughters before that all changes with University in the fall.
  5. Keep inspiring others.  I want to keep sharing my story and struggles dealing with a chronic injury and pain.  We can set the same goals as others.  The process just looks a little different and the time line is different.  Balancing life and not letting the reality of the obstacles in your way deterring you, is the secret.  I am in no way perfect, but strive for becoming more patient and accepting of my limitations daily.

At the end of the day, achievements mean nothing if you cant share your journey with others.  Whether thats a spouse, children, siblings, friends, whomever is important to you.  Yes, it’s great to receive recognition publicly for achievements.  But I want to focus this year more on balancing my achievements with my love for my family and friends.  I want more fulfilling relationships with people.  The bodybuilding lifestyle can be a very selfish sport.  It has to be.  And I am not giving up the sport, too many goals I have to do that.  I just want to be more aware of my surroundings and never forget who’s in my corner.  Or who’s there at the end of the day.  They are no less important to me than anything else.

I choose to find a more creative way to get my training in, being a great wife, amazing mother and good friend.  Balance should be my theme for 2018!  Balance will equal less stress which will equal happier times.

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