Staying Focused

I find every season of training is different.  Just like all of our lives.  There are ups and downs.  Obstacles and straight aways.  We must be adjile and able to maneuver each oncoming situation and distraction and decide to use it to our benefit or as an excuse.
Last season before my show in July if your recall I had a 25 pound plate drop onto my foot ten days before my show and caused a bone bruise.  I was so lucky it didn’t break.  But then I had 2 choices.  Have that be the end of that show, or do everything I could to heal up enough to be able to still do the show.

I was so lucky and had a local company reach out to me and do Cryotherapy with me to help speed up the recovery time and that was a huge blessing.

Last week I was bit by a black widow.  Again, 10 days out from my next show.  I swear, ten days out from any future show I am going to stay home and do nothing. Ha ha.  I rushed to an urgent care and got treatment right away.  I only had to miss one night cardio session and one morning session.  A round of antibiotics and a shot in the butt and I’m good to go.  Just grateful I didn’t swell or retain water from the meds.

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Ok, so I hate feet but wanted to show how swollen my foot and leg got.  I don’t even know when I got bit.  No clue, so clearly it didn’t hurt but boy did it swell up, and fast.  I’ve never had no ankles before ha ha.

Now I will tell you one thing.  That antibiotic shot in the butt.  Now that hurt……ALOT.  The doctor asked me before I left the office if I wanted a pain killer.  I was like no thanks cause I was there for swelling, not for pain.  But I will tell you something, when a doctor offers you pain meds.  TAKE THE PAIN MEDS.  By the time I got home my butt and leg hurt so bad I couldn’t even get out of the truck.  No exaggerating.  My oldest daughter laughed so hard at me.  It was the worst pain ever.  And it continued for hours and hours.

Image result for two choices meme let obstacles define you

Now, not once did I allow this to cross my mind as an option to quit my prep or this show.  It was just another obstacle and another story to tell.  I won’t be defined by a spider.  I will rise above and I will push through.

Now I’ve been in Louisiana two weeks when this happened.  Not a very warm welcome I tell you.  I lived with black widows in Utah for 3 years and never once had a bite.  Yay me.



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