Life Lesson

In the competition world you learn a lot from mistakes you make.  Sometimes these mistakes knock you down and set you back, but sometimes these mistakes force you to contemplate why you are where you are and make some choices.

This last show I just did was definitely one of these experiences for me.  I had the best prep I have ever had to date.  It was the most brutal meal plans but allowed my body to change so much I was ecstatic with my progress.

I did more cardio that I ever thought was possible and got more sleep than in previous preps and was able to fit into my custom comp suit almost a month before my show.  All huge indications of a great prep.

Peak week was good as well.  I was able to drink 2 gallons a day up until the evening before my show.  All water stopped at 1900.

I went to check ins just fine.  The only issue I had was they measured me an inch taller than previous shows.  I was concerned at first but thought that it would still keep me in the same height class so didn’t press the issue too much.  This was a HUGE mistake.  If you are unsure of your height measurements at check ins.  Ask if you can be measured again.  Me being measured wrong put me in a height class that included all the girls 5’7 +.  So all my girls I was competing against were way taller than me.  Both my previous shows I measured 5’6.  When you stand next to girls inches taller than me it is hard to look leaner.  I could have the same waist line as a girls 2″ taller than me but she will look leaner cause she’s so tall.  Its all about illusions and what the judges can see.  I cant make myself taller to compete with these girls.  I should have been in my true height class to avoid all these issues.

I even had the expediters back stage complain that I wasn’t in the right class.  But it was too late by then.  This was a hard lesson.

Now another hard lesson learned was.  Trust your instincts.  I learned this entire last year that I was insulin resistant.  When the body produces insulin under the conditions of insulin resistance, the cells are resistance to the insulin and are unable to is it as effectively, leading to higher blood sugar.  Beta cells in the pancreas subsequently increase their productions on insulin, further contributing to a high blood insulin level.

Insulin blocks the body’s ability to burn fat.  The more insulin there is, the harder it is to burn fat.  The body will protect itself.  When faced with excess carbs, the cells in your body will respond that the body has too much “energy” and will store the excess, even the good foods as fats.  An increase in these fatty tissues will cause an inflammatory response.   Also, not a good thing when competing on body building.

Insulin changes the body’s metabolism and hunger responses.

Carbohydrates, especially refined carbs, are the suspected cause if elevated insulin and the leading cause of common obesity.

During this last prep we identified that my body bloats a ton with carbohydrates.  Like a ton.  But the next day after a carbohydrate refeed, I look amazing.  Muscles look fuller, I look leaner and more defined.  We avoided carbs a lot and most of my diet consisted of lean protein and fibrous vegetables.  I only consumed carbs on refeed days and my body responded amazingly.

Now, lets get back to my show.  I was super lean during peak week.  Like I was so ecstatic with my progress and seeing it all come together.


Now here are some photos to show you how I was coming into this show.  My hammies were starting to split and my waist was so tiny.  Everything was coming together.

Now I’ll share my photos from Friday night, this was the night before my show and then the morning of my show.


These were taken at my hotel Friday.  2PM and 7PM.  You can see my waist tightening up and I’m super happy with how it is all coming together.

Now lets compare that to the morning of my show.  These are taken at 0500.  First thing in the morning.  Again, super thrilled with how tight I’m coming in.


Even my 0700 photos are great.  Let’s take a look.  I was asked to eat 3 whole eggs and 1/2 cup of white rice.

Now here the problem begins.  We learned this entire prep that my body doesn’t respond to carbohydrates like an average person.  And maybe I should have asked more questions as to why I was being carb loaded and not fat loaded.

I do what I am told.  I was told to have one rice cake every half hour with peanut butter and jam on it.  Now, I know my body hates carbs and bloats bad on them.  But I also know to trust the process and do what I am told so I followed instructions.  Not a good idea this day.

Pre judging took FOREVER at this show and I didn’t go on stage until 1400.  That’s 2PM people.  Imagine all the carbs I ate.  Can you imagine what I looked like?  I wanted to cry.  My hardest prep, the leanest I’ve been.  And I went on stage looking like I was not conditioned at all and looked ridiculous.  No way around it.  The carbs ruined my show.

Now I seriously had reservations as to whether or not I should post this, but I want people to know how precious being dialed in is.  You can throw all you hard 12-14 week prep down the drain if you eat the wrong thing and blow up before your on stage.  How disheartening would that be?  So if someone can learn from my hard lesson, then this will be worth the share.


Do I even look like the same athlete?  My waist is almost double.  My legs are so puffy and even my arms are bigger.  All bloat we know my body does with carbs.  Devastated doesn’t even begin to let you know how I felt.

I almost wish I didn’t do anything the day of the show.  I would have been better off not doing anything that morning than carb loading.  OR fat loading and leaving it alone.

Between the pre judging and the night show I ate a burger without the bun and fries.  (Fats) and looked way better at the night show.  But by then it was too late.  I don’t know why I was asked to carb load that morning.  Knowing what we did about how my body responds to carbs.

After the show I didn’t go out and celebrate.  I didn’t go get my celebratory cheese cake.  I went to my hotel and cried and went to bed.  I know I worked my ass off for this show and brought my best package to date.  But if you don’t get dialed in right, no one can see that.  Ultimately its on my and my team.  So I failed myself and my team failed me.  A VERY hard lesson.

Now to focus on the positive and silver lining.  I did bring my best package to date and I want to celebrate that because I am only in competition with myself and I beat my old package and for that I am a winner.


Here compares my 1st 2nd and 3rd show.  March 2017, July 2017 & July 2018.


Again March 2017, July 2017 & July 2018.

I am so proud of myself and the progress I’ve made and I am not finished yet.  I am pushing through this disappointment and going to keep improving.  “Don’t underestimate me, I’ll constantly press forward to the mark…


Some stage shots from my show.  Again, not happy with how I ended up bring dialed in, but doing the best I can.  Never giving up.

Now people.  Check out my hair and makeup.  I was spoiled with how I looked and a huge shout out to Kiss & Make Up Houston.  The went above and beyond and had me looking stunning.


Melissa did an amazing job.  Follow her on IG @_melllllllll_  I felt beautiful!








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