Little Treasures

I am always learning.  Constantly gathering information and executing different plans and ideas to better myself.  In life in general and also in the bodybuilding world.  I don’t think we will ever know it all.  But I love when I learn about new information and it works.  How exciting is that?
Now I wanted to share some information I learned about this week that is actually working so that if you choose too, you can use the same product to maybe enhance your life.


I purchased these on I am taking 1 capsule of the digest all with three meals a day.  The smart blend 2 capsules a day three times daily with meals.

IHERB website information for Smart Blend

Advanced Omega-3, CLA, & GLA Fatty Acid Complex
Supports Immune & Cardiovascular Health
Dietary Supplement
GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices – Produced in a Certified Facility
Smart Blend is a precise blend of “smart fats” or healthy fats. We combined exact amounts of DHA, EPA, CLA, and GLA to build a fatty acid complex that supports weight management, cardiovascular and immune health. Eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) creates an imbalance in our fatty acid “pool” and leads to our system performing poorly. Regular supplementation with Smart Blend® can help support a balanced lipid pool which is required for whole body balance and cellular function.


IHERB website information on Digest All

Supports Alleviation of Gas & Bloating
Supports Digestion & Nutrient Absorption
Dietary Supplement
GMP Produced in Certified Facility Good Manufacturing Practices
Digest-All is a multi-blend of Non animal source enzymes that supports optimal digestion, alleviates occasional gas and bloating and maximizes the assimilation of all nutrients. CereCalase has been added to support proper metabolism of fibers. Our proprietary blend of Peppermint, Ginger and Triphala soothes, comforts and balances the digestion process.
Complete spectrum of vegetarian enzymes
With CereCalase to help with those gas producing fibers
Optimizes digestion of starches, proteins, fats, dairy and fiberERB website information on Digest All


Now I have always had gut issues.  Even before I got into competing.  With the added stress of extreme meal plans and exercises.  The issues with my gut only compounded.  I thought in the past that as long as I eat right and take a good probiotic that I should be balanced and gut happy.  But I was wrong.  My guts have been even worse since being so strict with nutrition and exercise.  So I have tried so many things to try to feel “normal”.

Being regular with my bowels is not something that has been easy, especially in prep.  Yes, I know, TMI.  But the truth is, this stuff is important and bloat is a real thing.  Even when eating clean.

I started taking these two supplements and within 24 hours have felt so much better.  I even woke up with a tight, flat tummy.  No gas and no bloat.  I felt on top of the world.  Horray!!

Okay, enough about guts and bloat talk.  I just loved this product so much I wanted to share with you all what information I have on it so you can try it if you want.  It’s worth it!


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