1 1.
forward or onward movement toward a destination.”the darkness did not stop my progress”

2 synonyms:

3 forward movement, advance, going, progression, headway, passage “boulders made progress difficult”

So essentially as long as we are moving forward we are progressing. Seems simple enough, right?




1 1.
make or become different.”a proposal to change the law”
take or use another instead of.”she decided to change her name”

Now when we put progress and change together it can be a challenging experience. Not saying it’s impossible or even wrong or bad. But it can be challenging.

I have been in the fitness industry one way or another for years and years. Different capacities and area but always working out and always eating better than most.

I have a lot of knowledge and know my body better than anyone. The one area I struggle with in my own fitness journey is dialing myself in for a show. It’s a science I haven’t figured out yet and I have yet to find someone who has mastered this for me at any show. Some have definitely got me closer to the goal than others. But it’s a frustrating battle that I haven’t mastered yet. Through myself of through a coach.

Part of change come from searching out new coaches. Seeing their resume or athletes whom they have got to certain levels. Weeding through the politics in the industry and working with someone who does this full time and not just as a hobby.

Part of the struggle is getting that new coach to understand how your body works. I could tell people until I’m blue in the face how my body responds to carbs and how the insulin resistance works in my body but until they see for themselves first hand they don’t truly understand what my body really does. So anytime you change your coaches you have a couple weeks of a learning curve which generally means you can fluctuate in weight until the new coaches can see exactly what your body does with different foods. Then they can adjust and you can get right back on track.

It’s painful but necessary. I wish when I started his process that I just hired the best the first time and kept the same coach throughout all my shows. Would be a lot easier and less painful process. We work too hard as athletes to not be looking our best on stage.

At the end of the day we need to do what’s best for us. Not what someone else in the gym advises. Not what so n so does. Not what is popular in the area you live in. You need to follow your gut and do your research and hire who stands out to you and then you can go full speed ahead.

I have so much respect for so many athletes. So many coaches. So many judges. So many individuals who don’t compete. But show up every day to the gym to be consistent and to be positive on their own fitness journey. We all start from somewhere and we all have an end goal. Doesn’t matter what it is but so long as we keep putting one foot in front of the other we are all on our journey and have something g to offer one another. Something to inspire one another. We are all so blessed to be grated with this life. Do what you are inspired by and never give up. You never know who’s watching and who you inspire.

I am grateful for my life and for my ability to be active even after such a devastating back injury. I may have days, weeks and even months that I spend most of my days laying flat on the floor cause the pain is so bad. But I never give up. Yes, I complain. Yes, I cry. Yes, I get discouraged. BUT I NEVER give up.

Sometimes this is a perfect depiction of how my days feel. Life isn’t easy. But never give up. Dust off your boots and keep going. You got this 💪🏼.

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