February 2019


I’m on my second prep with the same coach.  Funny how this will be my 5th NPC bikini competition and only my second show with the same coach.  I guess once you find our groove, you stick to it.This prep has been different in the sense that I stayed a lot leaner in between shows this time.  So I originally thought this prep would be easier.  Boy was I wrong.  My coach and I have more aggressive goals so I am trying my best to be even leaner than my last show. Which is fine but the amount of cardio I am doing to reach this goal is about doing me in.

I am currently doing 65 minutes of cardio 7 days a week.  I’m still only weight training 4 of those days.  I’m splitting cardio to 30 minutes and 35 minutes.  Morning and night.  Some days I am so past exhaustion the second round about does me in.  I am so tired I have my husband drive or ride with me the second round.  It’s getting serious now.

I have about one more month to go and excited at what progress I have been able to make so far and every day I look so different.  Trusting the process is real.  Pushing past the exhaustion and bad moods and getting in not only my training and cardio, but also food.


I swear each prep I have S and XS clothes in bags waiting for me.  This prep even my XS are too big.  It is what it is.  But I don’t think I’ll stay this lean for too long so hardly worth buying new clothes.  We will see.

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I saw this and loved it.  By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.  When life or prep gets hard you need to dig deep.  Really deep some days and just get it done.  Then we can go into the show knowing we put 100% into it and pray that its enough.


It was arm day today.  Thank goodness.  I always leave the easy day to Friday so that when I am beyond worn out I can still muster up enough energy to get through arm day.

I love taking photos while at the gym. It motivates me when I see progress.  I do it 100% for me.  HA!  I post them to help inspire people but I promise I take them to keep me honest and motivated.

I’m at the gym these days at 0700 and its usually pretty quiet at that time.  So its easier to get away with taking photos.  I also don’t have to wait as long for machines.  I head back to the gym for my second round of cardio around 1700.


All I want people to know is to never give up.  I am 40 and in the best shape of my entire life.  I have three teenage girls at home and a husband.  My family comes first.  And my fur babies.  But I make my fitness a priority and am thankful for their support.  Even when my 18 year old reminded me that maybe I should take some time off cause I am grumpy on prep.  HA!  It’s true.  Anyone who has been on prep knows the struggle.  Depleting is no joke.  I try my best not to be grumpy but I think that’s impossible.

I’m giving this 100% and God willing it will be enough!  Either way I know I am giving this my all and am excited to compete at my next show!


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