Fitness Limits

Its funny how some people see that your an athlete and automatically think that you’d be great and want to do every sport.  Um…not likely.

It’s kind of amazing that I have picked a sport so difficult and have stuck with it as long as I have.  But in the same respect I have ZERO desire to do some other sports.  Running for example. Nope, no thanks.  No way.  Hells to the no.  I’m busy, Got other plans.  Anything else you can think of as an excuse to not be available for that experience.  HAHA

The thought of running a marathon is beyond exhausting and miserable for me.  I have great admiration for all of you out there that do it but not interested.  Not in the slightest.  The mere thought of running on purpose is enough to make me wanna go back to bed!


Cardio is the most difficult thing I do on any prep.  I just don’t like it.  Never have.  It’s boring and the minutes seem to take hours.  I see some people run forever it seems beside me daily and I am so jealous.  I have tried to love it to make the experience easier but I think it’s just one of those things.  Not gonna ever happen.

I am positive some people think the same thing when it comes to prepping and competing in a bodybuilding show. HA!  So I get it.  But I just find it amusing that people can think just because you are an athlete and work out that you would love to do anything athletic.


Maybe runners are more athletic than me?!?  Haha.  Who knows.  Props to them.  They do amazing things but I’d rather lift weights every day than run.

But next time you think if I’d love every sport just because I’m an athlete.  The answer is NO WAY!




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