Throw Back Thursday

So I was sent an alert through google photos to show me memories from last year on this day.  So naturally my curiosity got to the better of me and I clicked on it to see.

Remembering that after my July 2017 show I struggled with hormones and was seeing doctor after doctor to get it in check.  I was a little worried and down right scared to see what I had documented.

Even the thought of posting it now is scary.  But I want my followers to see that we all have starting points.  From never competing to their first show.  From your first show to your second show.  From being unhealthy to healthy.  From crashing hard after a show to finding the balance and coming back again to compete.

We all have a story.  We all have transformations.  We all progress.  Well this is my transformation from February 2018 – February 2019.

Both these photos are just rolling out of bed and not flexing or anything.  Just me naturally.  Both were progress photos I sent to coaches.  I flipped the side shot just so I’m facing the same way.

This is actually only 15 pounds difference.  But shows you HUGE progress.  The left was me so frustrated.  It was when I had just learned I was insulin resistant.  I had just got on Metformin and just hired a coach and still struggling to loose weight even though I was on the same meal prep I was on from my last show before this photo where I won first.

This proves that hard work pays off.  This shows that you can do amazing things with your body even when your body complicates things.  Never give up.


Investing in yourself is so important.  The better you feel the better you become.  The healthier you are the happier you are.  When I invest in myself my family benefits.  My friends benefit.  Its a win/win.

Life isn’t easy.  Obstacles aren’t easy.  Life throws you curves and you need to learn how to not give up on yourself just because the situation changes.  I promise you, last year when I was struggling and frustrated with how I was just on stage placing and the minute I wanted to show prep again, my body rejected everything to do with it.

I wanted to quit.  I wanted to cry.  I did cry!  I didn’t know why with everything I was doing to better myself that worked before wasnt making any difference to my body.  My body simply wasnt changing.  My body was rejecting everything I was doing to better itself.

I spent a tremendous amount of time advocating for myself to not just hormone doctors, but OBGYNs and family practice doctors.  Doing blood work and anything I could to figure out why my body was at a plateau and not budging.  It took some time but I never gave up healthy eating or my training.



I worked just as hard advocating for myself as I did on any contest prep.  I was determined to figure out the issue and to put the work in needed to overcome this obstical.

The point I’m trying to make is.  Don’t give up on yourself.  You never have a smooth situation with no bumps in the road.  What do you do when life gets hard?  Don’t let the little bumps become mountains that stand in your way from progressing.

Sometimes your biggest competition is your reflection.  Don’t give up!

You’ve got this!!


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