Checking In

How many of us check in on friends?  Or your mom?  Or your siblings?  Maybe your kids?  How long does it take to send a text or to make a call?

Sometimes that one effort can change the entire outlook of a day to someone.  Funny how its truly the small things that make the biggest difference.

When we hire a coach for a competition, check ins are SO important.  I push myself so hard during the week just to get positive feedback from my coach.  It keeps me accountable.  It also allows me to have extra strength when temptation hits.

I have been helping 2/3 of my kids with being sick this past week.  I got up today like any other day and now starting to not feel 100%.  Which is so not cool.  I cannot afford to be sick right now.  Being on prep is hard enough.  Add being sick and it ads miserable levels of discomfort.

When life pushes us. We get to determine what level of commitment we have. What level of dedication we have. There may be bumps in all our roads. That’s life. But what do we do with the bumps? How big is your bump going to be because it made you mad and you gave up a little bit?



Point is, dont make mountains out of mole hills.  Yes, things happen.  Learn from them and move on.

never give up

It’s healthy to get mad and to have feelings.  Just try to keep yourself realistic with your self talk and try not to let one situation keep you from being the best version of you!

We wouldn’t allow our children or our sisters or out best friends to give up themselves that easy.  It’s time we hold ourselves to a higher level.  We ARE worth it!

I have 6 weeks left in one prep and 7 in another prep.  I am exhausted and completely worn out.  I am as depleted now as I was one week out from my last show.  I am giving this prep everything I have.  I am trusting the process and with the help of my coach, will hopefully bring a super competitive package.  All I want to do is bring my best package ever.  It’s amazing how far I have come and how my body has transformed.

It almost seems like every day I see changes.  At night I am beyond starving so I go to bed early so I’m not A) Dying of hunger and B) My poor family doesn’t have to deal with a grumpy mama or wife.  Keeping it real people.  Prep is HARD.

My schedule is a little bit more flexible this prep.  If kids wake me up at 6-6:30, I get up, eat breakfast and head to the gym.  I am so hungry lately I cannot afford to wait.  Some days I don’t hear my kids get up and leave (their high school age so I’m not a neglectful mom).  I can then head to the gym 8-9ish.

If I have a ton of energy I go my training first.  If its a lagging day I try to get my cardio finished first before my training.  I am trying to balance everything and get the caloric deficit in that is so important for this stage of prep.



Everyday I not only try to do the best prep I can.  I try to be the best mom and the best wife I can.  I try to be a good friend to those I care about and be the best example and positive influence to those I may not know.  I am not perfect but I do try every day to be the best that I can.

Whether your goals are large or small.  You can do it.  Even small progression is progression.  Don’t give up just because it gets hard.  I believe in you!

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