Well I have been on prep since January in hopes to be ready to compete in this years Governors Cup held in Sacramento, California March 30, 2019.img_8209

I knew the show in Louisiana was just a week out from my Sacramento, California show but had no interest in doing it if I placed in my California show and promised the kids I’d take a break if I placed in California.

Well I placed in California so even the Saturday night of the show I said no way would I do another show in a week.

It wasn’t until the following Tuesday that I decided after talking with my coach and family that I decided to even compete in Bayou Muscle this week.  I am crazy!!

This photo above was taken between the Pre Judging and Night Show just before I laid down to relax.  It was a crazy morning and we shall see where the pieces fall tonight!

I wore my red suit again.  The blue one will be for my next show.  I just am loving the red.  Makes me happy.

I loved this season of bodybuilding and cannot wait to see how the night show goes. Love this sport!



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