Goveners Cup 2019

Well I have been on prep since January in hopes to be ready to compete in this years Goveners Cup held in Sacramento, California March 30, 2019.

I got the green light from my coach Kim Oddo.  I prepared my things and flew out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to  Sacramento, California.  I had to go alone as my husbands job changed about 6 weeks ago and now we can only afford to send me alone.

This is the first show I will be doing alone.  My father in law will drive up the day of my show from Reno, Nevada to show support but all the days leading up to the show and after I will be alone.

This was my open class line up. Some stiff competition here that’s for sure. Girls on the west coast bring their conditioning that’s for darn sure.

Definitely liking a hard look here. No soft girls to be seen. That’s why I love competing on the west coast. You have to bring it to place here.

My masters 35+ class was even harder. Girls don’t mess around and we’re super shredded. I felt honored just to share the stage with these beautiful women.

Again, no sloppy back sides here. Everyone brought there A game! You wouldn’t know but ladies on this stage vary in weight. 107-140 pounds and you’d never know! Our bodies are AMAZING.

This was my package that I brought to the show. I was 115 pounds on stage and was my best look to date. I was so happy!

Looking around I am not blind. I know at this point I likely didn’t place in Masters this go around but was hopeful I took 5th in my open class considering where I was standing.

But things can change from the ore judging to the night show so you can’t ever be that confident.

I told my kids all I wanted was to place period. Then I could take some time off and know it was worth it. So a 5th place in open would allow me to place and I would be thrilled.

Well the night show came and they were calling out the top 6 ladies which I was surprised since they only ever call out 5.

They called 6th and it wasn’t me. So I was happy. They called out 5th and I was certain it was me! But it wasn’t. I was SHOCKED!! They called out 4th and that was ME!! I was soo happy. I couldn’t believe it. 4th with this line up? Wow!!

I was happier and more exited about this 4th than I was when I placed 1st. I worked way harder this go around. I put way more into it and had way harder competition.

I couldn’t be happier!

It was really weird placing without my family for here.But I was thrilled my father in law came to support me.

Anyone who knows me knows what a HUGE UFC fan I am so when I learned Tito Ortiz was the Emcee you have to know I had to get a picture with him!  No heels for him.  It was a long day and this girl was tired!!

This show proved that no matter what.  Hard work pays off.  Especially after a dry year of no placings in two different shows.  This reminds me that being consistent pays off.  Be patient.  You got this!!





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