Glass Ceiling

They talk about everyone having a glass ceiling.  If this is true, what defines your glass ceiling vs my glass ceiling?  And if we take that even further.  Would your glass ceiling change from day to day?  Maybe one ceiling is higher off the ground than another?

Maybe my glass ceiling for me seems impossible for you to accomplish?  Maybe I think your glass ceiling is too high and I think its an unbeatable trial?

Maybe that’s just the beauty of it.  Maybe glass ceilings are so individual that they are just that.  Clear and personable and individual and private?

I want to share one example of what glass ceiling I just shattered.  I didn’t realize how high up I imagined this ceiline and how much stains glass, if we use the stain as a metephor of how much crap I put in the way of obstacles I put in my own way to achieving this level of ceiling. Of course that I placed on myself and put in my own way.



This is the glass ceiling I just shattered a couple days ago.  Looks pretty basic doesn’t it?  But to me its HUGE!!

Before I joined the military I couldn’t do 1 proper pushup let alone a military pushup.  I legit hired a coach just to show me how to do one who LITERALLY had to stand over me and support my hips to show me where they needed to be.  No joke!

After my spinal cord injury I was scared to do one.  literally the idea of attempting one paralyzed me.  To me a failure would prove defeat.  Prove I lost.  Prove all the hard work was somehow for nothing. All metal blocks that tainted my ceiling.  Adding colours that didn’t need to be there.

Of course the reality is for years after my injury there would have been no way I could have been successful in this attempt nor would it have been smart to attempt it.  But clearly I could have attempted it even a year ago.

But my mental limits kept me from even trying.  Kept pushing myself in other areas and kept adding more and more colour and distance between myself and this personal glass ceiling.

So a couple days ago I set up my phone on the floor on a timer and did one.  It was that simple.  Took all of 15 seconds, if that.  I was unstoppable for those few seconds.  HUGE victory for me.  But that though of failure stopped me from even attempting that silly little feat for YEARS.

Its so silly that we place restrictions on our limits.  Just because we cant today doesn’t mean we cant tomorrow.  But most importantly, don’t ever stop trying to shatter that glass ceiling just because your brain tries to tell you, you cant.  You may not be able to break your glass ceiling today, but you damn sure can break it.  It just may take yourself longer.  But don’t forget to actually try to break it.


We are so blessed with amazing bodies that can blow our minds with its potential. Sometimes we just need to tell ourselves were doing it hell or high water.  Ignore your brain and just DO IT.

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