Finding A Happy Balance

Life can be so busy and quite frankly overwhelming. Let’s face it. Life is demanding. I feel like I am constantly being pulled in every direction. Kids needing rides here, doctors appointments there, house chores, homework helper, pets to care for, you get the picture. 

But I also believe that we only become the best at balancing everything when we focus on putting ourselves first. I’m not saying it’s easy or that I do this all the time but I know that when I take care of me. All of life’s stress and commitments seem to be so much easier to carry.

J and G working outMy kids watch everything I do. Everything! Tonight as my family was settling in our New Orleans hotel room after traveling all day, we were all exhausted. My husband has a bodybuilding competition here in Baton Rouge this Saturday so he was already in the gym doing his hour of cardio.

Having only slept 2 hours I could come up with a million reasons as to why I should just go to bed and skip my cardio. But I know that when I get all my sessions in the gym that I feel so much better and in turn am such a better mother and wife.

So, I dug my runners out of my suitcase and started to tie my laces. Without realizing it my littlest mini asked if she could join me.

Of course!!!! So her in her pjs and I went to the hotels gym and started our cardio. It was so nice to talk with her and help explain the importance of cardio and what levels I set the machines at and how long I do cardio etc. She did awesome and did 30 minutes with me.

I am so proud of her and so glad I made myself a priority and did my cardio. We set examples without even realizing it. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

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