Picking A Suit

A suit can make or break your presence on stage. You have spent months on conditioning, meal prep, cardio, supplementation etc. You want a suit that is able to show your body off as best as possible.

I believe I made a mistake my first show by just purchasing a suit that was just available and not understanding how it was suppose to fit. It didn’t fit well and as a result didn’t highlight all the hard work I spent forever improving.

What’s the point of putting all the hard work into transforming your body if your suit doesn’t highlight it. Am I right?

By my second show I was much more knowledgeable and decided to take the jump and invest in a custom suit. It was expensive (over $500USD) but it did wonders on highlighting and showcasing all the hard work I put into that transformation. And the best part was it fit like a glove when it arrived. I was beyond happy and so grateful that I invested in it. I would strongly recommend getting a custom suit. Worth every penny. I will wear this suit again and again!  It’s beautiful!

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