Southern Muscle Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This is our families second show out of state. So much work and prep and not to mention money goes into attending these shows. 


When you do an out of state show and you are flying to the destination it’s vital to account for your body to hold water and to give yourself a few days to get to the area before your show to allow for your body to drop the water weight of traveling. Some helpful tips are to drink extra water the day of the fight or the night before if you have an early flight. Get up and walk around on your flight will also help in your body not to hold so much water. But either way, just know your body will hold some water and to just try to get in some cardio as soon as you land. This helps your body to drop the extra water.

Most flights will allow you to carry your meal prep onto the plane. We have 6 pack coolers that are convenient and we were able to fit two days worth of meals in one single 6 pack cooler. You just have to wait to buy your water once you’re through security. My 6 pack cooler actually has a dolly that it attaches too which is so convenient and makes it so much easier to travel with.

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When booking a hotel it is extremely helpful to know if they have a gym facility included. Fridges and microwave access are also extremely helpful. My show in Los Angeles didn’t have either. And it was the sponsored hotel. Make sure you call ahead and ask. I was able to pay extra for a fridge but there was absolutely no microwave access in the entire hotel.

Our hotel in Louisiana had both a fridge and microwave but no gym facility. But since my husband is from the area he know where a close gym was. So we made it work.

Usually when doing a destination bodybuilding show I’d suggest using the sponsored tanning company but these last two shows we did out of state were such bad experiences with the Tanning companies. So I’m still trying to figure out  what is best to do to ensure you have a fantastic tan. I am a certified tan technician and the thought now Of bringing my own machine and tanning solution, however inconvenient to do our own tans, is starting to sound like a better idea.


️This picture shows the difference in colours on stage. The darker one is way better at showing definition.

Another thing to consider is when you travel for a show, especially to a warm location. It’s tempting to want to sit in the sun all day enjoying the heat. This can be a bad idea. If you get burned at all you body will hold onto fluid big time. This is not worth it!!  And if this happens your body will hold onto the fluid until the burn heals.

Make sure you apply high SPF sunblock and stay in the shade. Not worth the consequences if you do burn.

This show had fantastic promoters. Everyone I met went above and beyond to be hospitable and truly did bend over backwards to make sure all the athletes had a good experience. Made me a tiny bit jealous I didn’t do this show as-well.

I even found all the athletes, competing or not we’re all so friendly and this was so refreshing and different than some places I’ve been.

The competition alone was amazing. The men’s bodybuilding division was completely stacked and it was so hard for us amateurs to guess placements. That’s how close I was. Such a great show!  These men truly brought their A Game.


I thought I’d mention some things I noticed this show that I never have before. First, shave all your body. I noticed one men’s physique competitor didn’t shave his legs and it showed so terrible on stage under the lights. I know if I saw this, the judges surely did.

Second, get a tan, some competitors didn’t have any tan on and under the lights you look like a ghost. Even the darker skinned competitors should tan. I saw first hand how a lack of colour can negatively affect your stage presence. All that hard work and conditioning gets completely washed out on stage under the lights without it. Some poorly tanned competitors even appeared jaundice on stage. I’ve never noticed this prior to this show so thought I’d share my experience.

Thirdly, I know it gets tight on stage with a full class. But making irritated gestures and giving other competitors dirty looks on stage showing your annoyance is very obvious to anyone watching. Fourthly, smile. Fake it if you have too. Smiling makes your stage presence increase huge and it’s so easy. I know when I’m on stage and in heels feeling awkward I talk to myself smiling to keep my mind clean and focused on my posing. Just some food for thought.

Some shows I’ve been too the competitors aren’t allowed to be in the audience with their families even when their division is up. This venue allowed competitors to come out front which I really like. It’s especially nice when competitors have kids in the audience.

Bringing kids to a show.  I’ve brought my 16 year old before. In state and out of state and she was great and could handle it all. My younger teen girls attended this show with us and they didn’t appreciate it was much. The sheer length was just too much for them. I can’t imagine how the other parents felt who were there with younger kids. And a $45 entry ticket for kids who can’t sit for hours on end maybe a steep investment. Just something to think about.

Louisiana has an absolutely amazing year having many of their local athletes go pro. It was amazing to be at this show and see so many local pro athletes there supporting everyone. This community definitely has a family feel to it.

Love Louisiana!!

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