Remember those Choose you own adventure books in grade school?  The ones where you can get through a crazy exciting chapter and then at the end you can choose to go one direction or a completely different one?  

This is exactly how life is.  But we sometimes forget and just let life take us where it does.  Whatever happened about choosing our own destination?  What about getting though our own chapter in life and going, “Nah, I want the next chapter to go ___________ or better yet, ___________________.  We get to choose.

Even exciting wonderful, adventurous chapters of our life we may want to re route and choose a calmer chapter.  Or maybe, just maybe we are tired of the calm and choose a world of adventure on the second chapter.  Remembering were the captains of each chapter.  So we can evolve each time.  Change our minds and do what we choose.

Neither are bad options.  What we must do is remember that we choose our destination.  Life is full of second chances.  If you don’t like one chapter, change it.  On the other hand, if you love a chapter, choose to keep it again, and again even, until you choose to change it.

You only get out of something, what you put in it.  So make sure whatever you choose, is for you.  Not what your mom wants, not what your sister/brother wants, or your boyfriend/girlfriend want.  Decide what you want and go for it.  You only have one life, go on and live it.



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