Choose Happiness

Life throws you curves. We all know that. But have you ever felt like all the curves are throw at the same time? I have felt like that since last summer. It’s exhausting.

Sometimes choosing to be happy seems so overwhelming and unrealistic. Am I right? The beginning of last year I was prepping for my first show. I had lost 50 pounds to achieve that goal. Then I changed coaches, sat the next show out and worked so incredibly hard to get to my second show I did 4 short months later.

All while raising three teenage daughters, one who’s on the spectrum. And I don’t say that for sympathy, but I’m telling you she is the work of three children alone. It is hard.

Also, I live in a country with no family. So no Sunday night family dinners. No family hang outs to distract you from the daily grind. It’s lonely.

I was born and raised in Canada. I know people all think it’s basically the same as being raised in the USA but it’s not. There are huge cultural differences. Huge social differences. Especially living in Utah. The culture here is bizarre. I’ve been here three years and still don’t understand it. Most people here were born and raised here and have all their friends and family here so don’t need or feel the desire to add friends. Which I totally understand. But it makes the non Utah residents feel lost.

I felt like my body gave up after my last show. I hormone issues, insulin issues, and all the side affects these two issues create. Exhaustion, constantly being tired but unable to sleep, would meal prep and not see results. Which caused stress which caused anxiety. You get the picture.

My self talk was defeat and frustration. Which doesn’t help with the whole few good about yourself part of life haha.

We need to adjust our way of thinking. After all we’re the ones who are listening. And if that’s all we hear we tend to believe it. And it creates our reality. Not good.

Imagine if all our self talk was positive and empowering? Imagine how that would change our day and ultimately or lives?

Now taking this one step further. Imagine if we spoke kind about others? Imagine if we empowered others the way we know empowering ourselves would be so beneficial? Imagine how much nicer our homes would be? Communities would be? Support systems would be? Something to think about, hey?

Now I am not perfect. I am far from perfect. But I have tried this year to focus on more positive self thought. More positive empowering thoughts. I want other women to know that you are not alone. You are not defined by your experiences. You are not your last bad mood. Your last bad choice. You are worth so much and are priceless.

Let’s try to improve how we feel about ourselves. Let’s try to improve self talk. Let’s try to improve how we treat others. How we speak to others. We all deserve to be happy. But happiness truly does begin with us. ❤️

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