Let them say what they want….

Let them say what they want, I’m just over here doing me.

2018 has been the year of much reflection and goal setting my myself.  I started out the year struggling to balance my hormone levels.  I crashed hard after my last show in 2017.  I went to what seemed like a million doctors, did a ton of tests to try to just feel normal again.

All I wanted out of 2018 was to feel better.  I wanted to be ME again.  After what seemed like months of struggle with insulin resistance and low estrogen levels, I finally could see the light on feeling better.

And of course because I am a type A personality, I immediately wondered, “What’s next?”.  I know I am crazy!  But I needed to set the next goal.  Was it to compete again?  Is it to find another talent and explore that?  I’m 39 and in a forced medical retirement and I am bored.  There I said it.  My kids are in either College or High School and I can’t just be home doing nothing.

I wanted to turn 40 in the best shape of my life so that was one goal.  Focus on smaller goals to help me achieve that.  I wanted to build bigger shoulders.  Something I’ve worked long and hard on.  My arms carry lots of excess fat so transforming them has not been easy.  Actually its been frustrating.  Also, my hips carry excess fat and I wanted to finally get lean enough to shed that finally.  We will see how it all comes together.  I’m not 40 for another 6 weeks or so.


I love this.  After all, everything we do to better ourselves is for just that, US.  Work hard on YOU.  Whatever your goals are, however big or small, work HARD.  Your success will show.  Just stay consistent.  Your success WILL make the NOISE.

If you stay the course no matter how hard or how many obstacle get in your way, know that I am proud of you.  I tell my kids all the time.  Whatever you chose to do in life, do it for YOU.  Nor for anyone else.  If you do it for you, you will be 10x more successful.


My goals this year have been 100% for ME.  I am worth it and I do deserve to be happy and the best version of me.  Bringing in 40 on top of the world and for that I am so blessed and thankful.

Be kind out there everyone.  Much love.

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