Keep The Food Good

They say to look your best your must eat like a dog. Eat the same thing every day. I know how hard this is.

I PROMISE YOU! Most athletes eat the same meal plan until your body changes or stops changing. This could take days, weeks or months. Now to break this down easier for you. When I write in your meal plan to eat for example 4oz of chicken. You can swap the protein. So change it to 4oz lean ground turkey or 4oz white fish. Add whatever dry spice you want. Making sure the salt level is as low as possible. Mrs. Dash has zero salt so its always a good choice. My new favorite seasoning right now is this:

This has only 5 calories per serving and 16 servings in this pack! It has some kick to it and I add this to ground turkey or to my chicken before I cook it in the slow cooker. SO GOOD!
Now since i know how overwhelming meal prep can be and trying to make sure you’re perfect. Here are some other prep ideas for meals.

Add a can of homemade salsa on a batch and slow cook! Families love this too.

Add Mrs. Dash or Hidden Valley Ranch Dry mix

Dip it into – Bolthouse Dressing (Found in produce section)It’s very low calorie. Use only a tablespoon or two.

Ground Turkey:
Add taco seasoning to it and add to a salad.
Add salsa to it.
Add it to a large leaf of lettus and eat as a wrap. Add mustard if you want.


I don’t like fish myself. But you can cook salmon or tilapia with seasoning. My go to is tuna in the pre packaged bags. Not the can. Too much sodium. But the bags are like 70 Calories and pre mixed with ranch and can be eaten cold and on the go. I eat 2 bags at a time.


Egg whites is a great lean alternative.  I have found my favorite way to meal prep these is to hard boil a batch.  One serving size for me is 5 eggs.  I shell them then put 5 into each meal prep container.  Before I put them up I add 1/2 a large Kosher Dill Pickle.  I find the juices soak into the egg whites while its refrigerated and make the eggs much ore tolerable.  Great tip!

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