Life has a funny way of coming the whole circle. As a bodybuilder, we are constantly working towards the end goal. This is accomplished by daily if not hourly additions to our bodies or “cart” as an example. We eat every couple hours, drink a set amount of water each day, and try to get as much sleep in as possible to help recover.

We also spend time in the gym, breaking down muscle fibers. The goal is to break them down enough to have them grow and recover larger and more pleasing to the eye. Keeping it simple here.

How true is this in the reflection in our own lives? Different situations in our own lives break us down, tearing each individual fiber of us and how we recover will determine how we heal. Do we get “larger “or more personal growth to better our lives? Do we get enough sleep and “recovery” to be stronger the next day? And, get this thought. Are our broken fibers able to heal in a more pleasing to the eye look?

Now that’s something to think about. We all have experiences and situations that define us. A loss of a child, a divorce, trauma, miscarriage, abuse, so many things can affect each of us. But after were broken and stagnant. Then what?

Self reflection can be tricky. We are born with innate qualities. Some great and some not so much. Being malleable and flexible in different situations with different people can strengthen or weaken our power. Whether is be subconscious or not. They don’t always do it on purpose. But some people are just more compatible and draw to one another better than others.

For a typical bodybuilding prep it takes us 12 hard weeks to get the desired look. How long does it take us as people to develop into the best version of ourselves? How much breaking down do we have to take to finally become what God intended? Sometimes this thought frustrates me. Why do some people seem to have “easier” challenges than others? And here some are putting in the work. Day after Day. Breaking down our souls and hearts to grow and become stronger. Just to keep being on repeat and stuck in the constant sore and tender fiber break down portion?

Maybe I am missing something but some struggles some people are faced with seem so much of an easier burden to carry than what God places in others lives. Sometimes I perceive that some people always get the Arm day at the gym. And here I am stuck on Legs and Glutes. Doesn’t matter how refined they get or how many times I tear the fibers. I am either not pleasing enough to the eye or I have more growth to do. I’m just over here pondering on that…….


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