Snow Days

I grew up in Canada, but contrary to popular belief, not all Canadians love snow, or get “used” to the cold. It blows my mind that people assume that. I lived in Canada for 35 years. I got smart and moved south. Utah is even too cold, in the winter’s, sometimes. And don’t get me started on the snow.

This winter has been the coldest winter I’ve experienced, since moving here. I have been in the USA, coming on, 9 year now. Today Utah got up to 48″ of snow in the last 24 hours! It’s insane. My dog is over 75# and disappeared jumping in it, this morning! Freaked me and him out!

I’m just glad its not freezing out, on top of the snow, and the snow, is still coming down! I gave a German Shepherd/ Belgian Malinois K9. He loves the snow and would stay in it playing, all day if i let him.

Snow Snow Snow, it’s still falling. But I am ready for a beach and some sand. And a cabana boy to bring me cold drinks. HA!! Who’s with me?


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