Taking The First Step

Don’t let the illusion of a gym full of athletes fool you.  They all started somewhere.  They all have a back story.  They all had days where they didn’t want to get up and go to the gym.  Even decorative competitors have those days, maybe not as often as when they first started, but they do have those days.

I find once you get to the gym or take the first few steps of a workout, the rest of the time seems to fly by.  Begin with something small, walking even.  Then increase your workout once endurance builds up.  Jogging, or running or move to weight training or resistance training.

Some things that get me motivated to do my work out are:

  1. Getting a new playlist.  I like to listen to loud, hard music.  Sometimes just finding a new Pandora station helps me loose myself in my workouts.  Breaking Benjamin or Five Finger Death Punch are some of my favourite stations.pandora
  2. A new piece of work out clothing also helps.  Sometimes I set goals so that when I reach that goal, I give myself permission to go and purchase it.  Or sometimes budget allows for me to get a new piece of clothing and the thought of wearing it helps motivate me.  Haha  Some of my favourite pieces of work out gear now are my compression shorts from Canadian Condition Addiction.  And my new Work Out Belt from Crazee Wear.compression shorts
  3. A good BCAA to add to my water is also Motivating.  I get tired of just plain water so adding some flavor to my drink during my workouts helps so much.  My favourite BCAA is TRI PEP Lemonade Flavor. BCAA
  4. Good pair of Workout shoes/Runners.  I’d suggest going to a Running store to get fitted for the proper shoes.  I was fitted years ago and was told what brand of shoes fit my feet better.  Its been a game changer ever since.  Sometimes something as simple as properly fit shoes makes your workouts better.shoes
  5. My absolute favourite new item than helps my workouts go to the next level are my Wireless Beats Headphones.  They’re expensive but they don’t fall out when I do cardio or bend over or lay down on weight benches.  Definitely worth the investment.  beats headohones


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