Product Love


I wanted to rave a minute about this new product I purchased and absolutely LOVE.  This is the Xbands  – Heavy Duty Single – 20 lbs band.  Its hot pink so I cant loose it.  It’s nylon and completely covered so you are able to use this anywhere without the fear of it tearing.  It even comes in a mesh bag.  How easy and convenient is that?

heavy duty bands single 20 lbs xbands

I personally keep this item in my bedroom.  I can sneak in this workout anytime.  In fact when I was sick last week I’d get a few reverse leg kicks and a few shoulder exercises in with this bad boy.

Here are some great exercises you can do with this handy piece of equipment.  20 lbs may seem easy at first.  But increase the amount of reps you do and you will feel the burn.  Such a good way to target good form and making sure you get a good set in.  Put a full length mirror in front of you and focus on contracting your muscles with each movement.


This piece is so versatile.  I love how it can be modified to use in almost every exercise.  I definitely need to consider getting the wall mount option for these bands. I find if there is a body part you are trying to build up, having this piece of equipment at home allows you to do a few exercises every day adding to your daily routine.  Whether its that muscle group day or not. The options are limitless with this company.

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