Changing Your Lifestyle is Hard but So Rewarding

Reflecting on my fitness journey the past few years and seeing before and after photos I’m reminded of all the sacrifices and changes I’ve made to get where I am today.

I started in a rut. Depressed from my back injury. Moved to a new country and trying to find new friends. Making sure my kids had new friends. Managing money on disability payments for my injury and everything. I felt like loosing weight and changing my lifestyle was such a huge overwhelming task.

On a trip back home for military I met up with some close friends who helped me realize that my body looked “toxic”. Likely from all the meds I was taking for pain. After all I couldn’t even sit flat I was in so much pain.

I then decided right then and there that enough was enough and that I needed to take my life back. Whatever it cost. Whatever I had to do. I was worth it!

I came home and began to search for a personal trainer. Not a weekend warrior one who took one course at a local gym. But one who had experience and who knew how to write meal plans and could modify workouts to accommodate my back injury.

It took a little while but I found someone local and was excited to start my journey to be the best me again.

I purchased a heat rate monitor and got myself a local gym membership and updated my music play list and started.

The hardest part of all of this was the meal plans. I was so used to eating crappy foods. I needed a HUGE change in eating habits. I began to keep lots of raw veggies around the house cut and cleaned and ready to eat.

I also wanted good grass fed chicken. Costco has all grass fed meats. I just find grass fed makes me feel lighter after. Corn fed meats make me feel heavy and gross after. If you know what I mean.

I also stocked up on rice cakes and portioned almonds to keep in my car to curb fast food temptations if I get hungry out and about. Setting myself up for success and not failure was my #1 goal.

I wanted this easy. Not hard. At the beginning I’d even go to bed at 8 just to avoid hunger pains. I needed to retrain my body what portion size was and actually the hardest thing for me was to actually get all my food in. I’m not motivated by food so actually getting in all my food was challenging for me. But it’s so important to eat properly and enough throughout the day to get your metabolism working again.

It room a total of 19 months and I went from 179lbs to 128lbs stage weight. I walk around at about 135-140lbs.

I makes this entire process so worth it. No matter where you are in your journey. Know that I know what it takes to work my ass off. I’ve been there. I know the struggle. But I also know that you can do this! If I can do it. So can you!

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