Keeping Clean on the Holidays

Ever feel like the temptation is just too large on the holidays and think you’re just going to blow it all in one day?  The key to staying on point during the holidays is preparing ahead of time so you don’t loose that focus and drive to achieve your goals.


Some things I do to keep from binging and loosing focus is:

  1. Eating my scheduled meals as planned.  I treat it just like any other day.
  2. I get my work out and cardio in.  Even if its just at home.  Most gyms are closed on the holidays.  Incorporate a Walk, or Hike, or use your cardio machine you have at home.
  3. I allow myself to have a cheat meal.  But I also make sure it’s not ridiculous and make sure my portions aren’t ridiculous.  If you eat your meal prep an hour before dinner, you won’t feel as hungry and it will allow you to be fuller sooner.  Which helps a lot.
  4. No alcohol!  No regular soda! Too many calories in this stuff.  I for one, would rather eat my calories than drink them.  Diet Coke is my go to and it has zero calories as opposed to regular soda that can have 200 calories in one can!
  5. Increase your water intake will help you stay hydrated and prevent your body from holding water.  The sudden high intake of carbs during the holiday increases water weight more that permanent fat gain.  So increasing your water intake will help your body rebound quicker.
  6. Make sure that you still get your greens in.  Just because its the holidays doesn’t mean you get to skip the veggie trays.  Also, choosing the breast meat opposed to the dark meat is cleaner too and less calories.
  7. Eat slow so your body will help remind you when you’re full.  This allows you to not over eat.  Eat until your full, not stuffed.
  8. I’ve had friends tell me to wear a more fitted outfit.  That way you won’t be comfortable if you over eat.  I haven’t tried this yet but I can see the logic behind it.

A cheat meal here or there is fine.  But when a cheat meal turns into a cheat day, week, or month, your goals will be so far out of reach. <3



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