What Makes You, You?

What I personally love about meeting new people is all their personality traits and experiences that they have been through that makes them, them!  I love that no one is the same.  How boring would that be?


Sometimes its years after meeting someone that you find out different things about them.  Then you get that aha moment and certain things about that individual just makes sense.

I thought I’d share some random facts about me.  Maybe give my readers an insight on who I am and what makes me, ME!

  1. I’m Dyslexic
  2. I have a Bleeding Disorder
  3. I played High School and Provincial Rugby
  4. I had a White Water Kayak Certificate at age 16
  5. I have to date completed 4 College/University Programs
  6. I have two Tattoos besides my 1/2 Sleeve
  7. I graduated High School at barely 17.  Could have at 16 but wanted to play rugby which was after my birthday.  So I retook Bio 30 and Art 30 just to play.
  8. Moved out with roommates at age 17
  9. I own and shoot a Compound Bow
  10. I’m a great Marksman
  11. Joined the Military Police in my 30s as a Single Mom
  12. I’m a mother of 3 teenage girls.  One who is Autistic
  13. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  14. My biggest motivation is someone telling me I can’t do something

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