Staying Focused

Lifestyle changes and weight loss changes are hard. Change is hard.  Period.  It takes focus and dedication and lets be real, can cause serious anxiety and frustration along the way.  dont-give-up

When choosing a goal we need to be realistic and look at all the triumphs along the way and not get focused and depressed by only looking at the end goal.

When I started my weight loss journey I hit many road blocks, my brain being the main one.  At first your gung ho and excited to do whatever it takes.  By week two your hungry or your body wants to tell you, you’re starving and going to die!  Don’t be discouraged.  If you follow your meal plan perfectly your body is getting all the nutrients it needs and your metabolism is going to increase.  And therefore, feel more hungry. Which generally means your cravings go up as well.

Don’t give up! You are bigger than your cravings.  Focus on the end goal.  You are changing not only what you put in your bodies but also how you view food etc.  You’re eating on a schedule and clean food.  Meaning pure proteins and vegetables and good fats.  You’re body is not used to it.  But loving it.  Increase your water intake.  This can help with feeling fuller longer.

Look at how far you have come.  Even in a week or two.  Your making better nutrition choices and your body likely is eating better than it has in a long time.  This is a huge success point.  You meal prepped, this is a huge success point.  You’re aware of what is good food choices and portions and this is huge success.  We need to focus on the small successes too, not just end goal success.  Your end goal success will ultimately compose of many, many smaller success points.  You need each one to get to the end success.  Don’t forget that.

Some tips for helping stay focused are:

  1. Don’t Panic.  Stay calm.  You don’t want your Cortisol levels to increase therefor causing you to hold onto water and weight.  Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released during performance increase and stress.  Part of cortisol’s function is to promote water retention as a defense mechanism for survival. This causes you to feel puffy and gain some weight.  Your body will balance out and so don’t stress out.
  2. Focus on the end goal.  End goals comprise of many, many smaller goals along the way.  Getting up and doing cardio is a good goal.  Which helps you reach the end goal.  For some, checking out of a grocery store without getting a chocolate bar is a goal.  It all adds up to reaching the end goal.
  3. Track your progress.  Keep a journal of how you feel and what helps you stay focused.  When you reach a hard day, reflect on your journal and know that you can do this. Progress isn’t only measured in weight.  Inches lost is HUGE.  How clothes fit is HUGE.  What you see in the mirror is HUGE.  How you feel is HUGE.  Document it all.

Remember you are doing this for you.  You are only competing with the you, you were yesterday.

A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms! – Zen Chi


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