Where Do You Want To Be This Month Next Year?

Hours go by so slow, days can feel so long but weeks go by so fast!  As the year closes, it allows us to reflect on where we have come.  What have you accomplished this year?  As the New Year approaches, what do you want to accomplish next year?  What do you want?2017 was a huge, incredibly busy year for me and of course my family.  I achieved more than I could have ever imagined.  I got married, did my first NPC show which was a huge life goal and bucket list item for myself.  I did not only one show but 2 NPC shows in two different states and a Fitness Model Search.  Supported my husband doing 2 NPC shows, also in two different states.  My oldest had knee surgery, my youngest had foot surgery. I strictly depleted for a year for both shows. It was crazy!

In reflecting back on my year.  I love all the things my family and I were able to do but realize having a two competitor home is ALOT.  Not only is it time consuming but its expensive!  So I am definitely adjusting my goals for 2018 to hopefully bring a better balance to our lives.


Here are some progress pictures of me from October 2015 (Pre back surgery and on a ton of pain pills that had my body explode) to July 2017.

Some pictures from My first Show in March 2017 until my second show in July 2017.  Definitely made huge progress.


This picture makes me cringe!  But we have to track our progress.  Where have we come from to where we are going!  What do you want your December 2017 Picture to be compared to your December 2018 Picture?  What are your New Years Goals?


Photo Shoot with my Favorite Fitness Photographer Rob Norbutt.  Comparing the conditioning difference between March 2017 and July 2017.

Next year I want to continue on my fitness journey but need to bring major balance into my life.  I have three teenage daughters, one whos on the Spectrum.  So requires a ton of work and attention.

My Personal Fitness Goals for 2018 are:

  1. I want to finish 90% of my workouts by 10am.  Cardio included.  Before life happens and causes reasons not to go.
  2. I want to get more creative with recipes and spicing up my food.  Meal prep can get basic and boring.  I want to venture out and use my knowledge to make food alive again.
  3. I want to do a National Show.  My goal but won’t do it before I’m ready.  So if that happens then great!  If not I have to goal written down so I can aim for it!
  4. I want to purchase a large piece of work out equipment for the garage so I can spend more time at home.  I have had my eye on one from Sheels for a year.  Now to budget so I can get it!
  5. I want to help motivate and mentor people in their own fitness journeys.  I love to help people and inspire.  That’s why I started this website.  I want to post about things that can help anyone keep going!
  6. I want to add size to my arms and shoulders.  I just want this.  Help show symmetry.
  7. I want to find local organic suppliers for my Chicken.  Would love to find an affordable, local farmer to buy meat from.

My Personal Life Goals for 2018 are:

  1. Find happiness in the small things. Life is too short and letting yourself get lost in the little stresses in life robs you from life’s true meaning.
  2. Set daily goals that help me stay focused even when life is so busy.  Find success in the daily accomplishments and not focus on the one main end goal.  
  3. Spend more time with my husband and girls. Family is more important than anything.  Without them we are truly nothing.
  4. Learn to love chicken again!  haha I have a love hate relationship with basic protein options.  I need to learn to love it again.
  5. SMILE MORE.  Smiling causes you to be instantly happier.  Love your life and yourself.  Smile!



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