Difference Between A Dream & A Goal

The biggest difference between a dream and a goal is a time line and steps.  This is important because if we actually look at these differences we can move out of the dream phase and actually complete a goal.Let’s look at loosing weight for an example to showcase to explain this.


Dream:  “I dream about being 60 lbs lighter”

How long have you had this dream?  Have you done anything to achieve this dream?  Have you started to be excited about this dream and have all good intentions to achieve this dream but after a day or two get overwhelmed and don’t?

Dreams are very vague and unfocused.  Dreams are free and are imaginary and don’t achieve tangible results.  Dreams can occupy your mind but without work that’s all it does is take up intangible real state.  To change this into goals you must first decide: How bad you want this – and by when.

Goal: “To achieve loosing 60 lbs I am going to go to the gym 6 days a week and follow a meal plan, allowing myself one cheat meal a week for the next 6 months to shed the weight”

Goals are something we act on.  We give ourselves time lines and specific instructions to put action into out dreams.  Results without work is dead!

Include as much details as possible to your goals.  For example, if you want to loose 60 lbs in 6 months, write down its specifics in detail – what steps will you take to achieve this, what gym will you go to, what work out equipment do you have at home that you can use, will you hire a fitness trainer to help you stay accountable, will you follow a meal plan and who will write it for you, will you buy a fit bit to help keep you accountable for cardio, you see what I mean here.  Even down to what shoes will you get to help your training sessions stay comfortable. I find it helpful to print off inspirational quotes to post around the house to help remind me of my goal and to keep me motivated. They will make your visualizations even more intense and effective.




Now stop getting in your own way.  You CAN DO THIS.  Your body is stronger than your mind believes.  All you need to do it start!

This is when I turned my Dreams into Goals! 

I have a weight loss/lifestyle group I run to help men and women turn dreams into goals and it is broken down into simple, small steps to give you the tools to loose weight and help change your lifestyle and the way you think about nutrition and how your body works.  Go check out my member options and contact me if you want more information.  It’s time to get your dreams into goals and into reality!  You’re worth it.  New group sessions starting as soon as January 1, 2018.

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