Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the holiday season and is traditionally an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.  Now that being said it’s also the time of year we traditionally exchange gifts with the ones we love.I thought I would highlight some gift ideas and products that fitness people would love the receive.

  1. Work out equipment for the house.  You can do so much at home when life is busy and you cant sneak away to the gym.  Popular items include kettle bells.  Amazon is amazing and so easy to order and ship from.  Good rule of thumb is weights are generally about $1/Lb.
  2. Different sized medicine balls.  These are great to incorporate into daily workouts.  Single leg hip-bridge, Romanian dead lifts, Lunges and so much more.  You can purchase these anywhere.  Amazon is easy and if you have Prime, it offers two free day shipping.medicine ball
  3. Xbands at a product I personally LOVE.  And they’re currently on sale.  These help add resistance to many work outs.  Adds to lunges and stair climbing.  They’re amazing.
  4. Heart Rate Monitors.  Monitoring heart rate is a good tool to help beginners work out at the right intensity, and many elite athletes use them when concerned about hitting specific fitness goals.  They range in prices but you truly cant go wrong with this gift. Lots of cardio machines at gyms have these built in but aren’t always accurate.  Your personal hear rate monitor can also link to the machines you use at the gym.heart rate
  5. Gym Memberships.  Can’t go wrong with giving someone a membership to a local gym.  Lots of specials going on right now and some gyms have incentives that include training sessions and or babysitting promotions.  Vasa’s memberships are as little as $10/month.
  6. Coaching sessions.  Hiring someone a coach for Christmas is also an amazing gift.  Chances are if you know a fitness lover you have heard about who they would love to train with or even who they have trained with.  Help get them a month additional training with them or work something out with their trainer to accommodate that that trainer knows the clients goals are.
  7. Massage Gift certificates.  If you know a fitness lover you know that they could use a good massage.  Lots of gift certificates available year
  8. Meal Plans.  This can be used for all fitness levels.  Beginner to Advanced.  People can feel more accountable when they have something to follow.  Especially when first starting a fitness journey.  Meal Plan – Women Meal Plan – Men
  9. Depending on their goals they may just want to be part of a weight loss/ lifestyle change group.  Where they learn basic knowledge on all things nutrition with a competitive twist on it.   I have run these before and have had huge success with clients.  I highly recommend this idea for those new to fitness and want to be the best version of themselves. Weight Loss Challenge

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